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“Rachel Grace’s Geared For Pleasure is a steampunk fantasy dream come true.

I must admit Steampunk has not been my favorite genre, but evidently I was reading the wrong books because Ms. Grace has won me over! As I turned the pages of Geared For Pleasure I was immediately gripped by the intense and ingenious world of Theorrey. Ms. Grace has started her Elemental Steam series off with a sensuous feast of a story brimming with captivating characters. The mystery surrounding the Queen’s disappearance is only one of the many intriguing secrets waiting to be revealed in this enchanting novel. The startling and awe-inspiring machines that make up this steampunk world are mystifying and had me giddy with excitement.

Ms. Grace does an excellent job of painting a brilliant picture of her world for the reader. I would love to see Geared For Pleasure come to life on the silver screen. I can see this vivid world so clearly and all of the characters in it. I am dying to figure out what will happen next in this alluring series. I can’t wait to find out which characters will succumb to their passionate desires. Geared For Pleasure is a sinfully delicious steampunk treat that is certain to become your next addiction.”

 ~Joyfully Reviewed


“WOW! was my first thought after reading this impressive book by new to me author Rachel Grace (R.G. Alexander)…The author paints a gloriously vivid picture of the world of Theorrey and I quickly became enthralled with this world and intrigued with the fascinating cast of characters…The author did a wonderful job with the character development and world building and I couldn’t be more excited to read the next book of stories in the series…

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for an action packed and erotic adventure that will leave you wanting more from the world of Theorrey”

~Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


“Rachel Grace has a good thing going with the Elemental Steam series… If Grace plans on releasing more, I would definitely give this series a try, especially if you adore pleasure, passion, and Steampunk mechanical creatures”

~USA Today HEA Blog


“..this book would make a great movie for the Sci-fi channel, hint hint if anyone out there in the cosmos is listening. I have seen Tinman and Alice on the Sci-fi channel and Geared for Pleasure would be right up their alley, of course there is HBO too and they wouldn’t take out the juicy stuff…move over TrueBlood here comes Geared for Pleasure.”

~Sea Witch Reviews From The Bookshelf


“Like a great television series or movie franchise where the characters capture your imagination and the mystery is intricate and ever evolving and the action is strategically placed but dynamic, this book takes you on an episodic journey that leaves you satisfied at each juncture yet wanting to know more and waiting for the next book. You almost wish there were coming attractions at the very end…

Both novellas are tight and filled with passion, romance and action. Ms. Grace has created an ingenious world filled with magic and unique characters. The mystery that surrounds each leg of the journey is slowly peeled away with surprising reveals. The dialogue and action distinctly convey a marvelous and sumptuous feast of world building, mystery and mythology. Dare and Bohdan have found each other and their love is resplendent. Seraphina and Cyrus are now together and their passion is fiery. Each hero and heroine are individually clever, singular, intelligent, loyal and courageous. Together they are unstoppable and their mission clear – find the Queen!

NOW, on to the next chapter in the Elemental Steam Romance series. You see, Geared for Pleasure is only the first step in this fantastical journey and we’ll have to wait until the next book to find out what will happen next.

I’m waiting Ms. Grace.”

~B&N Romance Blog


“The world-building in this story is incredible. While it took me awhile to get a good understanding of the world as a whole, as each detail was revealed, there was more and more that drew me in…I can’t wait to see where the series goes next, and get answers to my millions of questions!”

~The Book Pushers


“A missing Princess, a sheltered warrior, political intrigue, and since it is a romance a sexy hero. Oh and plenty of action! 

Geared for Pleasure is split into two stories though the second follows the first without skipping a beat. An interesting way to introduce more characters and bring the story arc to a close. Well as closed as you are going to get, Grace sets us up for the next book with her last couple of pages. Just a nice little tease to leave you hanging. 

Two stories you say? Well if there are two then there has to be a favorite, and how can you not pick Dare and Bodhan’s story. Could it be because you are introduced to them first? Or because you get to see this new, slightly scary, world through Dare’s eyes as she experiences many things for the first time? Or maybe because Bodhan is so irresistible, more to him than meets the eye. Whatever it is they are great together and that chemistry pulls you in.

 This is one of those books that can fall into a handful of genres. Science Fiction, easy. Paranormal, yeah that too. Romance, oh it defiantly has two great love stories. And Erotic, you might need to fan yourself. Rachel Grace has blended all of that together and created a book with a storyline strong enough it wouldn’t need any of the erotic stuff to still be considered great. This author has some serious talent.”

~Reading Between The Wines

“This book entranced me from page one and never let go! It is set in an exotic steampunk world populated by interesting creatures and machines alike. As I began the first story: I was drawn in by the description of Dare’s first experience with the masses. I felt like I was standing right next to her, experiencing for the first time the wonder and chaos of Centre City…Both stories are filled with passion and adventures that are a feast for the senses. When I finished the book I felt as though I had been on a grand journey! I am excited to read more about the wonderful and exotic world of Theorrey. Rachel Grace has captivated me with the best Steampunk novel I have ever read!

I give this book my most enthusiastic 5 stars. (If I could give it more stars I would) And it goes on my Keeper Shelf! It will definitely be one of my favorite books to pull out again and again each time I need to escape from reality and enter another world.”

~Love Books! Book Reviews


“The sex is smokin’ hot, and in the world of Theorrey anything is possible, but the detail brings the story to life. I enjoyed it and wanted to move on to the next story right away…This book has quite a bit of excitement, sexy characters, a lot of detail that will spark your imagination, and plenty of burning hot sex! Don’t miss it!”

~Night Owl Reviews-TOP PICK


 “…Geared for Pleasure is the first book in Grace’s new Elemental Steam series and it starts off with a bang. Readers who enjoy passionate, adventure laden novels will be drawn to this one. Grace has a way of bringing her characters close and letting the reader see something of themselves in each one. Her sense of description is vivid, especially in her world building... I was totally captivated from the first page, by the excellent world-building that Grace employs…Grace draws the reader in and quickly gets a firm hold on them. The characters enhance the world that Grace has built and the grip gets a little stronger. But when the romance starts to rear it’s head, it becomes a vice grip. Readers will have a difficult time putting this one down, it’s riveting… literally…

I’m giving this 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag! (One of my favorites of the year so far!)”

~Deb’s Book Bag


“Geared for Pleasure is non-stop adventure whether you’re aboard a brothel at sea or trying to uncover treason against the Queen…once the story got going it didn’t stop.  Characters you can’t help but like and a world you might not want to live in but would love to visit…If you are in the mood for something different, well written and sexy, you should definitely give this a try!”

~Under The Covers Book Blog


 “The storyline itself is complex but Grace does an excellent job of making the tale one readers can relate to,and the passion in the love scenes practically drips from the pages.”

 ~RT Book Reviews


“GEARED FOR PLEASURE is as erotic as it is exciting…Rachel Grace makes her exquisitely detailed world of Theorrey and her colorful characters come alive as she takes you on an adventure that will leave you breathless!”

~Eden Bradley, award-winning best-selling author of THE DREAMBOX GIRL


“The interrelated Elemental Steam Romance novellas are two engaging heated fantasies. The protagonists in both tales are fully developed yet a bit of mystery lingers with each. Readers will enjoy the visit to Theorrey as the Grace mythos proves compelling.”

~Genre Go Round Reviews


“Rich characters, colorful world full of action and sizzling with heat, Rachel Grace is the next Kresley Cole!”

~TJ Michaels, award-winning erotic romance author of JAGUAR’S RULE


“I had the pleasure of reading Geared, and I have to say, it’s the best steampunk romance I’ve ever read. The characters are wonderfully relatable, the sex is hawt (which should go without saying, in light of the author), and the steampunk elements are fantastical and yet believable.”

~Robin L. Rotham, author of bestselling erotic romance ALIEN OVERNIGHT


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